Oh Baby!

Another baby bird siting in our yard!

On Sunday, John rushed in the house and said, “Barb, grab the camera!  There is a baby finch on the hitch of my trailer!”  I rushed out saying, “He will fly away before I get there.”  But, he didn’t. In fact, he sat so still I was able to get about 10 shots of him.

He then hopped/fluttered onto the the bumper of John’s truck when I snapped this picture.  I felt so bad for the little guy.  Where did he come from?  Where was his mama and papa?  Aha, it then came to me.  The neighbors were cutting down a tree.  I think perhaps he lost his home.  I felt so bad.  What to do?  Times like these are so hard to remember that nature will do what needs to be done.  I must not interfere.

But, I had to help out in some small way.  I took a craft paint brush and was able to coax him to hop on the handle of the brush.  He sat nicely as I transported him to the maple tree in our front yard.  Maybe he knew I was trying to help?  He hopped off and into the tree.  Every few minutes I would check on him.  I heard him tweeting now and then.  Perhaps he was calling out to his mama?  By mid afternoon, he was no longer in the tree, at least that I could see.  I hope with all my might his mama found him and he is safe and sound again in her loving wings.

Sweet Baby!

Isn’t this little guy (or gal!) cute?

We heard quite a bit of squawking going on by Mama and Papa Cardinal.  Here their little one had flown the coop— right into our garage.  We let nature take its course as Papa C flew into the garage, talking in bird tweets telling little one to scurry on home.  Mama C was near by and waited patiently.  She was saying, “No sense in getting all upset.  This too shall pass.”  Soon enough little one had it figured out and hopped outside where I was able to snap this shot.  Mama C flew behind urging little one ahead and to the safe return of the nest.  For about an hour afterward Papa C continued his banter at the top of our maple tree in our front yard.  Men, huh?

I felt quite helpless as I watched little one navigate in the big world around him.  But, I knew I had to let nature be and all would work out just fine, which it did.  Whew!


This past Friday was a beautiful summer day.  When the opportunity is right I like to take my laptop out to my screen room and write while enjoying the sounds of nature all around me.  Being outside is such an inspiration!

Little Frankie rolls on out to the deck to keep me company and she is the reason I am writing my first children’s book.  She is truly an inspiration!

To top the afternoon off my dear friend Diane stopped by to visit.  She snapped this photo of Frankie and I.  Diane is another inspiration of mine!  Her support and friendship has been incredible as I move forward with my mission of sharing Frankie’s story.  She felt guilty for “interrupting” my work, but I always welcome any time to talk with her.  She is a breath of fresh air and always inspires me to be the best I can be.  How lucky am I to have her for a friend?  Lucky indeed!  Diane is an Executive Coach, http://www.leadyourlife.com.  Her coaching is filled with kindness, warmth, integrity, sincerity, authenticity, appreciation… the list goes on and on.  It was the BEST decision of my life to coach with this dynamic woman.  It lead me to where I am today, writing my first children’s book.  Yes, indeed, she is an inspiration!

As the afternoon rolled by, Frankie decided she just could not keep up with all the chatter between Diane and I.  She meandered off to her rug on the deck and hunkered down for a mid-day nap.  Nothing sweeter in my eye, than my little one finding a warm, sunny spot to dream.  It gives my heart warm fuzzies to know she is happy and content.

There is inspiration all around us!  All we have to do is open our eyes and most importantly, our hearts… and pay attention to all God created.