Book & Website Recommendation

I just came across the most wonderful, fun, interactive website!  Be sure to take the guided journey.  The music under the meditation tree is so relaxing and tranquil.  There is colorastrology which I found to be very interesting.  This site is like a trip to nature without leaving your home.  Being in nature is a way to clear your mind and reconnect and reflect on what really matters in life.  This site does that for you for days you can’t get to nature.  By the way, I do not make money off promoting this site… I just happen to think it is so awesome!  If you have a chance to visit this site, let me know what you think.

Now for my book recommendation.  I just finished reading, "It’s Okay to Miss the Bed on the First Jump" by John O’Hurley.  What a treat!  It is funny and at the same time John gets to the heart of what it means to have dogs in your life.  He is open to watching and observing what dogs teach us… and they are always teaching us if we are willing to learn.  His sense of humor will have you laughing out loud and his soft side will have you shedding a tear.  Here is a section from the beginning of the book that I love:  "As humans, we tend to expose our goodness in glimpses.  Dogs, however, live closer to their essence, and they are more constant in their goodness.  Perhaps, that is why God gives them to us- as teachers, to stay by our sides in quiet vigil, undisturbed by worry or regret, and to show us how to live each moment as it comes.  I am a much better person with a dog in my lap."

John’s book makes me want to write my own book someday about my journey with my dogs, which I have had in my head for the last 2 1/2 years… one of these days, it will spill to the pages.  For now, Frankie’s book continues, with dreams of at least two more children’s books… but I am grateful for authors who share their thoughts on dogs because it warms my heart like no others.


There is no doubt about it, life is about choices.  We always have a choice in how we are going to live our lives.  Sadly, too many of us get caught up in what others may think of us in regards to our choices.  Our dreams then fall to the way side.

Today is a day I am feeling especially blessed.  My heart is singing and the tears of joy are so close to the surface… this is what making choices that fit your authentic self is all about.  After embarking on digging my authentic self out over two years ago, the process of the journey has been transforming.  I stand in awe and gratefullness as my “home away from home” is going up today… the walls and roof are in place… the windows to be installed this afternoon.

I stood in the center of my room early this morning and visualized my writing desk, my peach wicker chair to collect my thoughts, my book shelves lined with knowledge and inspiration, my petite heat n’ glo stove to warm my bones on cold winter days, and my little Frankie nestled next to the stove, content and peaceful.  This is a choice I made, a choice to live a dream of having my own space to call my own, to continue my growth, to pursue the dreams in my heart.

Yes, indeed, this is a choice I made, which evolved from the choice of getting real with who I am and accepting who I am and not being afraid to let her come out…

If you wish to make a different choice in your life and live your true purpose and happiness, find yourself a coach and just see where it can take you.  It was one of the best choices I ever made for myself.  Without my coach, I would not have taken the steps I have… check my coach, Diane Krause Stetson out at:

We all have choices as to how our life will unfold…. and it is never too late.

Move over Paige from Extreme Makeover

Another Sunday spent working on MySpace.calm.  Amazing progress was made!  I now have a better picture in my mind of what my room will look like…so exciting!

To help out in the efforts I got out my pink work boots and pink work gloves… yes, I said pink!  I admire Paige from Extreme Makeover and her statement as a woman in a deemed “man’s world” of construction.  John handed me the screw gun and I proceeded to take 1/2 the deck apart, screw by screw, board by board.  I have muscles in my arms and shoulders I did not realize I had… they spoke loudly to me as I tried to get out of bed this morning.  I also walked each board of the base of the building (called joists) to the back.  John neglected to tell me how heavy each board is, but I managed the challenge.

As I helped with the building process yesterday I was struck by the similarity in writing a book.  You first have an idea, then you come up with a plan, and then you write it (build it).  Building is a strenuous physical process, while writing is a mental process.  But both make me feel a great sense of accomplishment.

After a hard days work, I sat on the back of John’s truck and we had a beer together.  I have always admired John’s strong work ethic, but I now have a new appreciation for what he does.  He takes immense pride in building and remodeling and I’m proud of him for that… and he put up with having a pink “tool time girl” on the job site, so just gotta love him for that!

Stay tuned for more progress to made soon… if all stays on schedule, the JT Construction crew will be coming in on Thursday and the raising of the room will take place.