Quote of the Day

"Animals are not our property or possessions, therefore, but our peers and fellow travelers.  Like us, they have their own likes and dislikes, fears and fixations.  They have plans and purposes as important to them as our plans are to us."  –Gary Kowalski, from Soul of the Animals.

In looking through my quotes about animals, I have many by Gary Kowalski.  It has been quite sometime since I have read his book, but obviously by the many quotes I wrote in my dog quote journal, he has had an affect on me.

You will often hear me say that I believe Frankie truly found her purpose through her paralysis.  And how lucky I am to have her as my fellow traveler who helped me find my purpose, so as a team we can do what matters to us both.  I tell children that we are the Techel-Teckel Team and they giggle.   I remember years ago after I got Frankie, my husband gave me a book on dachshunds.  That is when I discovered one of the nicknames in Germany for dachshunds is Teckel.  Well, it became even more fascinating to me this past year as we have embarked on sharing our story with others.  I am always so proud to say we are the Techel-Teckel Team. I'm so grateful Frankie's plans happened to include me and we are traveling this part of our journey together.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Couch Potato!

This is a “younger” photo of Kylie, but I just love it!  Shows what a laid back lab she really is.  Today she turned 3-years old!  We call her our coach potato because she is not your typical lab.  She does not like to go swimming (what??!!?  you’re a lab!), she’d rather not go for a walk if she does not have to (what??!!!? you’re a lab!), , and that green tennis ball thing she thinks is for eating (what??!!? you’re a lab!).  You throw it and she looks at you as if to say, “You mean you want me to chase that thing?”  She is content to chew on pieces of lumber, empty pizza boxes, her frisbee or a tennis ball.  She also loves to just follow John around in the yard as he hauls supplies around.  Now and then she will play chase the ball… three times back and forth, but don’t push your luck, that’s it.  Three times is tops for her.  She is a very loveable couch potato and we can’t get enough of hugging her.  She also has this endearing way of sitting with her butt flat to the ground, and her left leg out to the side.  She looks just like a sitting donkey when she does that, so we also call her our donkey.  I’ve always wanted a donkey, I just didn’t realize God would send me one disguised as a yellow lab.

Happy Birthday, Kylie!  I love you for teaching me to slow down now and then and just enjoy watching the world go by.  That is her favorite thing to do… sit at the front door and watch the world go by.  Even in the dead, cold of winter you will find our front door open, with a towel rolled along the bottom to keep some of the cold from coming in, just so Kylie can enjoy the view.  Kylie also got two lunches today… by accident.  I didn’t realize John had fed her and when I returned home from an appointment I fed her too.  When we realized we did this, we both laughed and yelled out to the kitchen where Kylie hangs out, “Happy Birthday, Kylie!”  Guess she will have a light dinner tonight.  Happy Birthday, sweet girl… you are the BEST!

Frankie brings smiles to hospital staff!

As you may recall from earlier posts, Frankie now volunteers in the Pet Therapy program through our local hospital.  We were recently contacted by Carl, Volunteer Services Manager at the hopsital to make a special visit.  All departments at the hospital are in a contest for participation in helping rasie money for the hospital foundation and United Way.  One of the prizes was a visit with a therapy dog of their choice.  They picked Frankie!  What an honor!

Everytime we do therapy visits I am astounded at the warm feelings that come from our visits.  This is beyond the word rewarding!  We make our visits to bring smiles to others and I end up feeling so good inside that I rejoice in this “work” that fills my heart continually with JOY.

Every department at the hospital was SO NICE!  We feel like we have TONS new friends.  You all ROCK and we are so thankful and grateful for all that you do.  We met 13 different departments while we visited and it was a BLAST!  Though, I must say, so many of the staff is awfully camera shy.  What’s up with that?  We are so glad you gave in and posed for with Frankie, the Walk ‘N Roll Dog… ENJOY the photo’s!