A Conversation with Daniel the Beagle – A Must Have Conversation – Not to Be Missed

Please share this video with others. Daniel is working hard to abolish this cruel act of euthanzing animals. He is succeeding with the help of those that share his message… and still has work to do to make sure every state outlaws this awful act.

About Daniel

For many people “gas chambers” represent an awful, desensitized form of killing. Many do not realize that such organized killing still occurs today.  Each year, millions of animals are euthanized through this brutal process.  Rarely has anything breathing survived a gas chamber but in October 2011, this improbable survival story became a reality for Daniel the beagle in an Alabama gas chamber.  Through improbable odds, Daniel was still wagging his tail after the gas chamber that he was locked in killed eighteen other dogs.  The animal control officer, lacking the heart to make a second attempt, agreed to put Daniel up for adoption.  Daniel was quickly spirited to a foster home in Tennessee where he was named after the Biblical survivor of the lion’s den.  Next, with the help of Pilots and Paws, New Jersey based Eleventh Hour Rescue brought Daniel to New Jersey where the Dwyer Family of Nutley adopted him into a forever home.  Daniel has taken nicely to the fun-loving life of a dog in a house with four other dogs.  However, Daniel has also become quite the celebrity with appearances on local, national, and worldwide news outlets, highlighted by an exciting appearance on Anderson Cooper Live.  Such renown has brought Daniel the opportunity to make a difference.  Daniel’s adorable face and affable personality have made him a hero dog to thousands of his other canine brothers and sisters as he has become an advocate for shelter adoptions and anti-gassing laws in various state legislatures.

Blind Dog Gets New Lease On Life

The minute I saw the face of this adorable dog in the video, my eyes filled with tears. Not out of pity, but out of admiration for the will of life she has. How often do we look at these animals and take pity? What are they teaching us? They are teaching us to love them no matter what…. and to embrace that non judgment and love and use it in our daily lives not only towards animals, but towards our fellow human friends as well.  This is the reason I believe God gave me my Frankie… to see the world in a whole new way. To love like I’ve never loved before, to catch myself when I judge, to be a better human being, and to pass along compassion every chance I can.  This is what this video reminds me to do… as well as seeing the face of little Frankie each morning when I awake.



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Frankie and Barbara Skyping with John L Henry School

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