Who’s That Doggie in the Living Room?


When I had my first Lab, Cassie Jo I remember how my husband John would not allow her in the living room.  One evening I was not feeling well, and was lying on the sofa. Little by little Cassie Jo crept into the living room, eventually ending up next to me and lying on the floor.  That was it– dogs were now allowed in the living room.

Though the new rule was that she could not be on the furniture.  When she was sick with cancer she decided the big red chair was the most comfortable place to be.  Who was I to deny her that comfort?  And I realized that first day I found her on the chair that it is only furniture.  It can be replaced. But the love of an animal can never ever be replaced and how lucky I was to have her in my life.

Frankie and I spent many times together on the sofa.  I love to read, so she was always my snuggle buddy, curled up next to me. She was also the best weekend napping partner a girl could ask for. It still feels odd not having her next to me as I read each night or take a nap.

About two weeks ago, Kylie started to come in the living room and lying on the floor. This is interesting, because she has never done this before. I certainly can’t speak for her and say why she has now taken up coming in the living room to lie on the floor, but I must say it is rather comforting to me. Does she sense I am missing Frankie?  Is she trying to comfort me?  I’ll never really know, but  it makes me feel good when she does this.

Last night I sat next to her on the floor, and pet her chest.  I love her strong, soft chest.  I also smooched the sides of her snout, which she is not always open to having done. It was a wonderfully, warm 15 minutes of quality, bonding time with her. Whatever her reasons for being in the living room, I am enjoying her company and thankful for all that she is.  Good dog, Kylie.  Good dog.

Meet Fillmore – The First Recipient of the Frankie Wheelchair Memorial Fund

Fillmore is the first recipient of the Frankie Wheelchair Memorial Fund!  He was diagnosed with IVDD and had surgery, but still needs help in getting around.  His mom, Jonnie heard about the special fund started in Frankie’s memory to help families in financial need so their dog can get a wheelchair if need be (also helps dogs in rescue get a wheelchair).

The fund is set up through Eddie’s Wheels and it truly warms my heart that Frankie’s legacy lives on and is helping other dogs who may need wheelchairs.  I know she is smiling on Fillmore and wishing him the very best for a long, happy, quality life… which he will have with his wheels!!

If you would like to help in this effort of helping less fortunate dogs get a wheelchair that need one, please visit the Frankie Wheelchair Memorial Fund  page for more information.

Please leave a comment below and share your positive and continued healing thoughts for Fillmore.

Keep on rolling, Fillmore!  We love you!

**A special thank you to Frankie fan’s who made this possible with so many wonderful and generous donations!!!  We could not have done it without you.

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A Day at Germanfest with Racing Wiener Dogs & Dressed Up Wieners. Oh My!

A very special thank you to Petra Theruich who chairs the Dachshund Derby and Dachshund Costume Contest every year, who gave us complimentary tickets to attend Germanfest this year.  It did my heart good to see all the wiener dogs, and I even got to pet a few.  Another special thank you to Father John who did the pet blessing and said a special blessing for Frankie…. which had me holding back the tears.

It is really hard to get pictures of those racing little wieners as they are awfully fast, but here is one good shot I got below. Along with many other shots of the other’s decked out in costumes.  During this particular race that I got a photo of, at one point the doxie’s were all in one big heap in the middle and one rolled over– it was too funny!  But have no fear, as no wiener’s were hurt in the race–  he rolled over just as fast as he was back on all four’s again and headed to the finish line.