My Word for 2015

magicalI’ve been giving thought for about a week to what my word for 2015 will be. I had read some postings about it on Facebook and another author who encouraged her readers to think about a word they wish to carry them through 2015.

Last week I also did some new SoulCollage (R) cards because I had run across an image of “dancing trees.” I just knew it had to go on a card, which I did above and then added the other elements as you see.

Then yesterday someone mentioned the word magical. In in instant, I knew that was my word! And I knew just which image represented how I feel about it. Don’t you love it when things like this come together?

As I look at this image I collaged and think about the word magical, for me it represents something that is bigger than me in this world. The places and spirits I can’t always see, but know they are here for me to lean on as my guides.

The magic in a simple and meaningful life which brings me so much joy. The magic in the wisdom Gidget and Kylie share with me not in words but in feelings of deep love.

The magic in the sun setting and rising again. The magic in being authentically me – that when I am, I feel just like the dancing tress – free to be me!

The magic in listening to my inner wisdom and oh, the beautiful places it takes me when I pay attention.

Another word defining magical is enchanting. While we can’t just twitch our noses and hope for magic to appear in our lives, we can look for the magical in simple pleasures, and that I find, so enchanting.

Because it is how it makes me feel inside when I take the right path on this adventure, just “a tourist passing through” (as author Rick Warrens says) — it’s in those moments when I just know my life is right and the days flow with ease. That to me, is magical.

Early on in my life, I didn’t understand this, and my life was all about striving, achieving and proving my worth. But now that I’ve become a bit wiser and see the magical in the ordinary, it is what I want as I move through the rest of my years and days on this planet.

Have you thought about a word you want to be yours for 2015?  If not, I hope this encourages you to think of one. When you do, let me know what it is. I’d love to hear!

Speaking of magical!  Magic happens for me when I create, and I’m busy behind the scenes updating some sections of my website. I hope you like my new banner, which I decided to share right away as I just couldn’t wait until the rest was updated.

As always, feel free to leave a comment…I welcome it!

Mornings Always Hold Promise

g snuggle bugAs I walked into my writing cottage this morning, Gidget wobbled toward the big wicker chair as she always does. There she stands, looking up at me with her soulful black eyes, and waits for me to pick her up and place her in her bed. Just as I did that, I felt a warm flood of joy fill me up.

It is bitterly cold today, but the sun is streaming through my windows and my petite gas stove is aglow. The holidays are just about behind us. A New Year is on the brink of breaking through.

Mornings and a New Year ready to make its entrance fills me with hope. Just like every morning we get a fresh new start, so is the New Year.

I especially took notice today after reading in the paper that a friend passed away on Saturday. She was 54 years old and had been battling cancer. She was a very gifted metal artist with her work known around the country.

I remember many Saturday mornings being across from her at our local Farmer’s & Artisans Market when I was set up there with my books. She always had a smile on her face.

Only three years older than me and she is now gone. “Awe, Chris, I’m so sorry,” I heard myself say out loud after reading her obituary.

So as I sit at my desk in my writing cottage this morning, the sky a brilliant blue and the sun filling my room with light, I’m thankful for mornings. I’m thankful for the chance at a New Year. I’m thankful for those that love me and those I love.

I’m thankful for Joyful Paws Journal and you, my dear readers, who look forward to my thoughts. I’m thankful for new avenues I’ll be exploring in 2015.  I’m thankful for the life I’ve been given.

And I’m thankful for the sun that rises each morning as a reminder to live each day the best that I can.

PS:  I published a new page to my website called Offerings. There you will find a new audio program on Self-Publishing I just released, plus other workshops in the works.

As always, feel free to comment…I welcome it!

From Traveler to Happy Homebody

mini rainbowFriday we headed out for a mini get-away to a B & B about three hours from home in Sparta, WI. As we drove southwest, it was cloudy — the 19th day in a row with no sun.

After about two hours of driving there was just the tiniest of clearing in the sky. I caught a wee glimpse of the sun peeking out from behind a cloud and grabbed my camera to get a picture. If you look close enough it created a small rainbow, which I thought was so neat.

Our time away was very relaxing. While I would have loved to see some historic homes or points of interest, what we didn’t realize until we arrived, due to the holidays, and the winter season, many things were closed.

But we made the most of it driving around the very hilly countryside and taking a trip into LaCrosse. I’d never been there so it was fun to drive around the city. We visited a car museum, took Gidget for a little walk where she had great fun trying to chase after pigeons. Then we had lunch at a place with a hip atmosphere, an awesome young waiter, and delicious food.

carThe B & B we stayed at, also a wedding destination, called Justin Trails, was out in the country situated on 200 acres. The couple, Don and Donna, have been running the B & B since 1987.

There were several little cabins, each a different name, such as the Garden Suite where we stayed, The Cottage, The Paul Bunyan cabin, and Little House on the Prairie.  The Lodge, with a woodstove burning, is where we had breakfast each morning. They also have a large barn where they do wedding receptions and the pictures on the walls in the lodge showed how beautiful those come together in the barn.

G at B & BDonna is an excellent cook making her own granola which I enjoyed very much, along with bacon, homemade scones, eggs and pancakes. On Sunday she made apple, pear, raspberry compote and I was wishing I could take home a gallon of it – it was so good!

Gidget was a perfect little traveler and I’m so proud of how well she did. I wasn’t sure how she would be, but she did really well.

And though it is always nice to get away, it was so nice to return home again too. To what is familiar. To our cozy little home. To our own bed. After being in about 300 square feet which our suite was, our house seemed huge!

I love to take vacation and now and then a little mini escape, but all in all, I’m really a homebody. Coming home again is always a reminder to my heart of how much I love our home and my life here in Elkhart Lake. And perhaps that is what vacation is all about… a sweet reminder of all that we hold so dear and near to our hearts in the place we call Home Sweet Home….and I think Gidget is happy to be home too, as she has been snoring up a storm this morning as I work in my writing cottage!

G at B & B with John

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