Wisdom of Healing from Mourning Dove

By embracing love, instead of fear, we become an example of the compassion and strength needed to help change the world. Peace was never won with violence and faith has never been met with darkness. Let us share hope with others through our intention to make the world a better place, one moment and one action at a time. ~Louise Hay

I woke with a heavy heart today. As an empath, I have to be careful that I don’t surround myself with too much anger or negativity. It does not mean that I’m ignorant to what is transpiring in our world, but in order for me to be my best self and serve the greater good in what I believe can add to the world in a positive way, I have to not get caught in a downward spiral of anger or fear.

And this means sometimes separating myself from the anger and fear, and doing the work I need to do to keep myself in balance. I don’t always remember to do this and can get caught up in the fear of which I found myself beginning to spiral down into this morning.

Lost is this whirl of emotions I was feeling, I glanced out onto my deck to see two mourning doves. To me, they represent love and peace – and my heart lightened realizing this powerful message that I needed to be reminded of in that moment.

Researching further into their symbolism I found this:  But far from representing death, the symbolism of mourning doves gives us optimism with its spirituality. Beyond their sorrowful song is a message of life, hope, renewal and peace.

While there is so much poison of fear being spread wide and far these days, I still hold onto hope, even when it’s hard, and I feel it quite heavy in my heart, and all I want to do is not function.

I had a choice this morning – I could let my heavy heart lead for the day – or I could work through my feelings to help them to begin to shift. The mourning doves were that needed symbol for me.

Taking a moment to expand on this, I sat down and picked two oracle cards for the day, plus one of my SoulCollage® cards. They were further confirmation of what I needed in working through all my feelings.

From The Nature-Speak Oracle – Rose – Love & Healing:  The appearance of rose, indicates an opening of the heart and the ability to touch the hearts of others. Your ability to express love now has great healing potentials – for yourself and others.

From Wisdom for Healing – Observe Your Conversations: Observe the conversations you engage in today. Are they productive or mean-spirited? Are they filled with gossip or stimulating information? Your goal: to recognize the quality of information you feed your mind each day.

My SoulCollage® card: This card represents peace and honor to me. Striving for peace and honoring that in myself and helping others to find that within themselves, which means I have to (and want to) be that example.

While I kept gradually shifting back into the space of my own truth and what I believe, yet another sign appeared from a friend who posted this image this morning saying: This is the month of love. I’m tired of all the anger and I think the we need more love!

And so it is.

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Orlando. What Can I Do?


I told myself I wasn’t going to watch the news this morning. I knew of the Orlando tragedy yesterday, but not many details. Watching the news, I didn’t feel was going to help or change anything.

But I felt compelled to turn on Good Morning America this morning wanting to know more. As I sat at my vanity getting ready, I heard many voices sharing their accounts of what my mind can’t even begin to wrap itself around. I also heard what they were sharing about what each politician said, or didn’t say, or shouldn’t have said.

I started to cry. What can I do, I thought? I’m one small human sitting here in my home so tired of all the hate in the world. And tired is a light word really, because this feeling reaches deep into my bones and my heart as a deep ache of sadness. And it is brought to the surface when a tragedy such as this happens yet again. It’s as if I hold my breath, praying with all my heart that these painful events won’t happen again. Because when they do, I feel helpless.

I don’t know the answer. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized I have to say how I feel. I have to do what I think is the right thing. I have to share my voice. Because I believe, that when we put positive energy out into the world it does make a difference. We need more to do the same.

And I turned to my Daily Word this morning after I turned off the news after a half hour because I could no longer listen. It was then that I had my answer of what I could do. I had to turn inward and do what I think will add a light to the world.

What really stuck out for me from reading Daily Word today was this:  “I am the voice of love, compassion, and respect.”

It became my prayer as I moved through my Yoga practice. As I held each pose I silently repeated, “Love. Compassion. Respect.” At the end of my practice I opened my hands like a lotus flower and deposited the words “Love, Compassion, and Respect” into them, then folding my hands inward to close the lotus flower capturing the words and actions we need to do which can heal the world. I then stretched my arms out in front of me until they were fully extended, I opened the flower once again and “let go.” Out into the world is my wish for Love, Compassion, and Respect to take a strong hold on each and everyone’s hearts.

Ending my practice, my hands folded in prayer I said out loud, “Namaste.” And I was moved to tears again. This…this is what we can each do…. we must do.


Nothing else has worked. We have to start at home, inside our own inner worlds. We have to find peace and light within ourselves. We have to begin with loving ourselves. Anyone who commits acts such as this recent tragedy cannot have love for himself to have done this.

I believe this with every fiber in my being that we must love ourselves to love another, have compassion and empathy for ourselves to have it for another, and to respect ourselves in order to respect those around us. And this means we have to all look inwardly and begin to work on our own stuff to begin to put these positive vibrations out into the world to help us all heal and find peace.

While I’m incredibly sad we are facing such a tragedy again, I’m grateful for the reminder of what is of utmost importance, and the work I need to yet do on myself so that I can vibrate more peace.

And this means I won’t be turning to the news for anymore updates, but instead turning to those that uplift and encourage me that love, compassion, and respect is the way. The only way. Because when I do, it’s when hope returns again, and peace resides within me.

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When One Door Closes…Being Open to the Gifts Behind the Next Door.

When One Door Closes Being Open to the Gifts Behind the Next Door.

I’ve been working just about everyday on the fourth draft of my new book, Wisdom Found in the Pause. It’s in part, about my second dog in a wheelchair, Joie, who I adopted from Oregon Dachshund Rescue in 2012.

Joie, while a beautiful gift in itself when I brought her home that fateful day in October three years ago, would be short-lived. But the lessons that continue to unveil themselves have been openings of deeper understanding and healing for me. So while the book is about Joie, it’s also about what I learned about myself after she passed.

I was mad when Joie died. Mad at God that I couldn’t have her in my life longer. I just couldn’t understand why she was called home so soon after I opened my heart wide open to love another.

A heart that was still tender from the loss of Frankie. It felt so unfair.

But as often happens from painful experiences, we don’t see the gifts or blessings until years later.

I see them continually as I work through finishing this book revisiting my life with Joie on the written page. But I also see the gifts in where I am heading in terms of new opportunities and new projects/ideas I’m investing my time in.

I also see it most clearly in the gift of Gidget. It flashed vividly through my mind again last night as she lay tucked under her blanket on her bed in the living room.

If Joie hadn’t passed away, I wouldn’t know Gidget. Each dog that has entered my life has changed me in different ways. Gidget is now doing this for me with lessons she is teaching me. Just like Joie did and Frankie and Cassie Jo before her.

Each sweet dog, a magnificent gift that I got to open my heart to and in return those gifts live on forever within me.

To hold onto grief or guilt because of their passing’s would serve no purpose. It would only shut down my heart and joy could never enter again.

It is in this awareness that I see their true beauty and that loving again is what they teach us so brilliantly. And that love is the answer.

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