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Boxer Rolls on in Frankie’s Memory with Gifted Wheelchair

Boxer Rolls on in Frankie's Memory with Gifted Wheelchair

Meet Q – the newest recipient of a dog wheelchair from the fund I started back in 2012, in memory of my disabled dachshund, Frankie, to help paralyzed dogs in need of a wheelchair. Whether a dog in rescue or a family in need of financial help, that is why I began this fund.

So many wonderful and generous people have supported the Frankie Wheelchair Fund which enables me to help dogs like Q gain their freedom back with a set of custom-made wheels from Eddie’s Wheels for Pets.

Upon receiving the wheelchair for Q, his owner, Susan sent me this beautiful message:

We picked up the wheels this weekend and he did great !! We shall continue to practice on the grass as we hope to graduate to concrete fairly soon! The Eddies wheels family is just beautiful – they are fantastic to work with and we thank you again for helping us … With your help we were able to do this!! With added friends and family we were able to order boots and supplements as well.  I was able to save my self for the next neurologist visit which we may not need anytime soon as I thank God that he has progressed slowly thus far! Thank you again and in Frankie’s memory we shall ROLL ON!

Roll on indeed…and my heart fills with much joy knowing Frankie’s memory lives on in so many wheelie dogs.

If you’d like to support the Frankie Wheelchair Fund with a donation you can do so here on this page. Thank you so much for your consideration.

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Lily Rolls for Just a Few Short Days in a Wheelchair Granted by the Frankie Wheelchair Fund

Lily Rolls for Just a Few Short Days in a Wheelchair Granted by the Frankie Wheelchair Fund

Lily found her way to someone with a huge heart willing to go the distance and help her with her paralysis after her previous owners were unable to care for her.

Sydnie was Lily’s angel. She contacted me in October stating she needed help with a wheelchair for Lily asking if The Frankie Wheelchair Fund could help. I was more than happy to do just that and provide the funds for a wheelchair to be custom built by Eddie’s Wheels for Pets.

Sydnie worked hard with Lily improving her condition, but a wheelchair was still needed to provide quality of life for Lily. The wheelchair arrived in early November and while Lily’s story had a great beginning, I’m sad to report that she was diagnosed with Lymphona a few short days after she was up and rolling in her wheelchair.

Sydnie contacted me letting me know that Lily was in a lot of pain and the most humane thing to do was help her cross over, which she did, even though her heart was shattered. She also felt so bad for not being able to do more for Lily and felt in someway she had let her down.

Having been through this with Joie, I completely understood, and assured Sydnie that I truly believe that Lily knew how fortunate she was to have had a wonderful life with Sydnie the last few months. And now Lily is Syndnie’s angel.

And…. Lily’s wheelchair will help another disabled dog in need. As part of the Frankie Wheelchair Fund I ask that recipients of a wheelchair from the fund, return the wheelchair to Eddie’s Wheels when it is no longer needed. So the gift goes on…

If you are looking to donate this holiday season to a great cause, I’d be delighted if you considered The Frankie Wheelchair Fund, which helps disabled dogs in need of a wheelchair. To date, with the generous donations of others, I’ve been able to help over sixty dogs with the gift of mobility.  Donations can be made online here. Thanks for your consideration!

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Meet Rhy. Soon to be Rolling on Wheels!

Meet Rhy. Soon to be Rolling on Wheels!

Seems Rhy is tired of being measured and just wants to get things over with so her new wheels can be built! What a great shot her owner caught of her yawning, don’t you think? It wasn’t even planned!

But soon enough, she will indeed be rolling. The Frankie Wheelchair Fund is happy to provide the funds for a “front wheel” drive cart for this pretty, little girl. Rhy makes the 56th dog we’ve helped become mobile.

She has a deformed front leg and with her advancing age, she simply can’t get around anymore or go for walks, which she loves.

But soon enough, this pretty snowflake will be rolling down the sidewalk. Stay tuned!

Rhy’s wheelchair being custom-made by Eddie’s Wheels for Pets.

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