Trapped Inside My Writing Cottage

Trapped Inside My Writing Cottage

This is new.

This darling little fellow.

Who just recently started to sit upon the birch tree branch I have outside my half-moon window of my writing cottage.

He caught my eye as I was doing my yoga practice this morning.

Sitting there so content and might I add, so dang cute!

And he sat, and sat and sat.

So unusual for a hummingbird to sit so long.

It had me reflecting on how Hummingbird has shown up quite often lately in my animal wisdom oracle card readings.

And just two days ago listening live on Facebook as life coach, Cheryl Richardson shared the news of Louise Hay, founder of Hay House Publishing, who passed away at the age of 90 on the very same day that Dr. Wayne Dyer passed away two years ago. As Cheryl talked about Louise and her dedication to helping people heal, a hummingbird landed right outside her window…

and it just sat, and sat, and sat as Cheryl talked so lovingly about Louise.

And this is the thing…life is truly magical. Hummingbird showing up just then as Cheryl talked about Louise reminding us that joy is our birthright…

in life… and in transition.

And while the title of this post is ‘trapped inside my writing cottage’ because when I wanted to walk back in the house after my yoga practice, this little fellow had returned again to sit upon the birch branch.

And he sat, and sat and sat.

His message to me that life is to be savored and enjoyed. That there is no need to rush, but to take in all the joy that abounds.

And so I waited, and waited and waited until he decided it was ready to move on with the day. And then I too opened the door and made my way into the house.

And taking with me the lesson that I am only trapped when I make that choice. But when we make the choice to pause and capture what is right in front of us that the real magic happens and with it comes so much joy.

So much joy.

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The Fairies that Came in the Night

The Fairies that Came in the Night

I heard the whistle of a teapot and the smell of coffee brewing. But it wasn’t coming from inside my home this morning. Perplexed, scratching my head, I then thought I heard the faint sound of giggles.

What could it be? I wondered.

I quickly dismissed it thinking it was just my imagination. It was time to get on with my day and the garden hoses needed to be turned on to give the shrubs and flowers their special blend of java for the day.

As I opened the front door, I swore I could smell the sweet scent of bacon — it made the inside of my nose do a little happy dance.  And again, I heard the sweetest giggles. I must be losing my mind, I thought.

As I stepped into my gardens I inwardly let out a squeal of delight realizing I indeed was not losing my mind!  There were camps of Fairy houses scattered here, there and everywhere. That was it!

They must have come in the dark of night with the moon lighting their way, the tiny caravan, and quietly set up their villages of campers, vans, and tents — and they were having a grand ole time as they giggled and chattered among themselves cooking up a breakfast feast.

Trying not to be seen, I quietly and most lightly tip-toed among the wee villages taking great delight in my new friends that had come in the night — the fairies who sent shivers of magic down my spine.

Oh dear, I thought again, my mind is working overtime. I scolded myself that fairies really don’t exist. You silly girl!

And just then, swathed in a silk lavender scarf around her wee body, her wings glistening with sparkles from the sun, a rose in her auburn hair, she ever so gently landed on my shoulder and said in the most dreamy voice, I’m here to remind you that you are one of us. Don’t ever forget that the magic lives in within you and that your imagination is the key to all the places you can go whenever you want to. Take joy, be joy and watch the sparks of magic make their way out into the world to land where they may  — so others will come to know us also — and when they find trust and faith in us — they will surely find it within themselves too.

And with a sprinkle of pink fairy dust she left in her wake and flew down back to her tiny village I knew without a shadow of doubt that my soul was just given a gift of what is real if we wish it to be.


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My Word for 2015

magicalI’ve been giving thought for about a week to what my word for 2015 will be. I had read some postings about it on Facebook and another author who encouraged her readers to think about a word they wish to carry them through 2015.

Last week I also did some new SoulCollage (R) cards because I had run across an image of “dancing trees.” I just knew it had to go on a card, which I did above and then added the other elements as you see.

Then yesterday someone mentioned the word magical. In in instant, I knew that was my word! And I knew just which image represented how I feel about it. Don’t you love it when things like this come together?

As I look at this image I collaged and think about the word magical, for me it represents something that is bigger than me in this world. The places and spirits I can’t always see, but know they are here for me to lean on as my guides.

The magic in a simple and meaningful life which brings me so much joy. The magic in the wisdom Gidget and Kylie share with me not in words but in feelings of deep love.

The magic in the sun setting and rising again. The magic in being authentically me – that when I am, I feel just like the dancing tress – free to be me!

The magic in listening to my inner wisdom and oh, the beautiful places it takes me when I pay attention.

Another word defining magical is enchanting. While we can’t just twitch our noses and hope for magic to appear in our lives, we can look for the magical in simple pleasures, and that I find, so enchanting.

Because it is how it makes me feel inside when I take the right path on this adventure, just “a tourist passing through” (as author Rick Warrens says) — it’s in those moments when I just know my life is right and the days flow with ease. That to me, is magical.

Early on in my life, I didn’t understand this, and my life was all about striving, achieving and proving my worth. But now that I’ve become a bit wiser and see the magical in the ordinary, it is what I want as I move through the rest of my years and days on this planet.

Have you thought about a word you want to be yours for 2015?  If not, I hope this encourages you to think of one. When you do, let me know what it is. I’d love to hear!

Speaking of magical!  Magic happens for me when I create, and I’m busy behind the scenes updating some sections of my website. I hope you like my new banner, which I decided to share right away as I just couldn’t wait until the rest was updated.

As always, feel free to leave a comment…I welcome it!