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Friends in Low Places and Rodent Lover

Friends in Low Places and Rodent Lover

Just the other day I was so excited telling John that Mr. Squirrel, a.k.a, Hank, finally found the new feeder I put out for him that holds a cob of corn. It took him awhile and that first cob sat there for about two weeks. But then one morning I got up and noticed not one speck of corn was left on the cob!

Of course, Mr. Chipmunk seems to love it too, as I’ve witnessed them scurrying down the birch limbs I have leaning up against my cottage as decorations.  In my excitement sharing this with John, he smiled and said, “My rodent loving wife.”

Yup, I guess that’s me. I love critters. And many of my friends reside in low places, just like this sweet little bunny that was mindfully munching away.

On any given day I can be perched in my writing cottage, working away, and take a moment to look outside my windows to discover a friend or two is nearby.

It’s comforting to me. While I love time alone, I don’t feel alone. And while I adore the people friends I have, I must say a girl sometimes just needs those friends who have no advice to give or any troubles to share.

Aren’t animals and nature grand?  Thank you Mother Earth!

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Let’s Hygge! Are you with Me?

Let's Hygge! Are you with Me?

No, that is not an error in spelling of the word Hygge in my blog post title. Though I have found different versions on line of the definitive way to pronounce it. One resource says “HOO-gah” while another says “HEU-gah” and yet another says “HUE-gah.”

Well, no matter how you say it, I’ve been doing it a long, long time. I’ve been attracted to it way before I knew about this term. In fact, the older I get, the more I crave it and need to have much in my life as possible because it helps ground me and keep me in balance.

It’s a feeling, really, like no other.

And until recently, while I knew the name for it here in the states, I didn’t know the Danish had a name for it, which they call Hygge.

What is Hygge, you may ask?  Well, once you know, I know you will want to do it too!

According to the book I read while on vacation, The Cozy Life by Pia Edberg, the Danish concept of coziness is…

the art of creating warmth, comfort, and wellbeing through connection, treasuring the moment, and surrounding yourself with things you love.

I’ll bet you want to join in and Hygge with me now, now don’t you?


Some of my favorite ways to Hygge:

  • Snuggle up to the woodstove with a good book and cup of tea or glass of wine (and not to be left out, a wiener dog curled beside me)
  • Decorate my home with vintage, nostalgic, upcycled furniture and treasures.
  • Nap in the winter with the sun streaming on my face (which I just did today!)
  • Create altars in my writing cottage from items in nature, animal totems and oracle/SoulCollage(r) cards
  • Listen to music that stirs my emotions.
  • My favorite person to Hygge with is my hubby John, whether we are nestled in our small living room around the woodstove catching up on the day’s events, sitting around the chiminea on our deck, or out at a restaurant on date night. 
  • Watch my dogs, Kylie and Gidget play outside.
  • In spring, summer and fall, my newest favorite Hygge since getting new landscaping, is walking around the house checking out my flowers and shrubs.
  • A soak in the tub and then slipping into my flannel pajama’s.
  • Spending time at my Sistah V’s home — her house oozes Hygge!
  • Slowly peruse Cottage Journal magazine.
  • Mindfully walk through piles of fall leaves.
  • Sit in silence and gaze out the window.
  • Light candles

I could go on and on, really. So many Hygge things to relish in.

And this time of year…so perfect to Hygge…winters gift of slowing down, getting cozy, and going inward.

Do you have a favorite way to Hygge?

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Garden Awakening and Hope Dances

Garden Awakening and Hope Dances

As I sit at my desk in my writing cottage the soft blue sky has just a few wispy clouds that slowly float on by. It’s a brisk one out there this morning in the lower 30s.  But there is a flurry of activity with clear indications that spring is truly on the way.

Little yellow finch seems to have found a small patch of open water in the frozen make shift bird bath. While Ms. Sparrow is more than likely keeping a close guard over new eggs laid, while at the same time curious about all the buzz outside.


Next door, a landscape crew, decked out in winter headbands, gloves, and heavy jackets puts down fresh topsoil on the neighbors garden.

I’m dreaming of our own new landscaping that hopefully will begin too in the upcoming weeks. After living here for over 25 years and not care taking the gardens all that well, it’s time for a fresh start.

This time I’m hoping the garden bug will bite me a little harder and I’ll be better at the up keeping. Though as we planned our landscaping with the landscaper company in the bitter cold of winter, I did ask for it to be as maintenance free as a garden can be.

And so that is the view out my writing cottage this morning — a fresh start for all creatures, great and small. Hope dances outside my windows.

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