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A Serenade to Fall

A Serenade to Fall
A vinette of Fall on my writing desk – with a photo of illustrator, Tasha Tudor at her home in Vermont – who I adore for living to the beat of her own drum

Every year it happens.

Fall calls to me.

The yearning so strong I can’t ignore it.

It seeps quickly into my bones.

And it takes hold ever-so-gently

though I hold on tightly as I never want it to fade.

I scurry like a squirrel to take in all its goodness.

Vignettes popping up here and there as I answer the creative call to capture its beauty.

Its whispers.

Its colors.

Its dancing light.

Its cozy warmth.

And then a fear enters my mind.

What if when my time comes I die in the fall?

I couldn’t bear it.

To miss this season I hold so dear.

But then I catch myself so as not to lose what is now here.

And yet for a moment I wonder what it would be like.

Fall in heaven.

So utterly breathtaking I imagine.

Beyond what I can even begin to comprehend

magnified beyond what it is here on earth.

And then I hear them

the crickets

softly calling me back to where I am now

here, in this moment,

as the light changes again moving from afternoon to early evening soon.

But not before I remember the promise

that fall will dance before us for quite a few more weeks.

A reminder to truly enjoy it.

Deeply savor it.

Give grateful thanks for it.

And let its magic continue to unfold and enrapture me.

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Take Joy!…and Squeal with Delight!

Take Joy!...and Squeal with Delight!

The gloom of the world is but a shadow. Behind it, yet within our reach, is joy. Take Joy! ~Fra Giovanni

I don’t know about you, but I can’t help but feel exuberant joy watching everything come to life with spring upon us.

Walking out my writing cottage door at lunch today, just after we had a soft rain, I squealed out loud, and said to Gidget who was tucked under my arm, “Oh look, Gidget!  The Willow Cherry tree has begun to blossom! I must get a picture.” 

In that moment I felt my love for Tasha Tudor bubble up again to the surface, imagining her delight in her exquisite garden that she too felt every spring.

This week in my newsletter which comes out on Sunday I wrote about the Wild Woman within each of us — Tasha was definitely the epitome of that!  She is one of my mentors because it is what I strive to continue to embrace more and more everyday…to walk to the beat of my own drum…

and to Take Joy! in all the simple pleasures life has to offer.

I recently learned of a Wisconsin Chapter for the Tasha Tudor Society. I was so excited to receive a response from the woman who organizes events in WI to celebrate Tasha Tudor letting me know I’m now added to her email list. I hope to attend an event in the near future!

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Spring Garden Walk has Me Thinking of Tasha Tudor

Spring Garden Walk has Me Thinking of Tasha Tudor
My dwarf lilac tree full of buds!

“It’s exciting to see things coming up again, plants that you’ve had twenty or thirty years. It’s like seeing an old friend.”
Tasha Tudor, The Private World of Tasha Tudor

It is has been close to 60 degrees this weekend, though the wind has just shifted putting a bit of a chill in the air again. But ah, yes, that is spring – such a tease it can be!

Today I walked in my landscaped gardens which will be one year old next month. And I couldn’t help but think of Tasha Tudor. I discovered her about five years ago and became utterly fascinated with her way of life. She was a children’s book illustrator, lover of nature, tea, flowers, corgis, goats, birds, and living to the beat of her own drum. She lived a simple life and what some would say was a hard life for there was always something to be done around her property. But that is what made her thrive.

As I walked my gardens I felt the spirit of Tasha. I know I’ll have to get my books out again that I have about her. Even though I’ve read them oodles of times already, I’m feeling called to get lost in her world that I find to this day to be be magical.

Being outside and appreciating all that nature gives us is when I feel the spirit of her swirling in the wind. I could ride high on that feeling forever.

Mr. Finch right outside my writing cottage window

To see the buds blossoming on trees and shrubs just fills me fresh up with such hope – and reminds me of what is truly important. These simple, sweet moments of beauty.

My Cherry Blossom Willow tree should blossom soon
Mr. Squirrel drinking from the bird bath

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