Interesting Perspective

If you would like to view photo’s taken at the book event I did last week Sunday, feel free to click this link:

There is an interesting comment from a woman not from the United States on one of the photo’s.  She said that it is "very American" and "I cannot imagine people here doing all the theater about a dog in a wheelchair."  I found it fascinating that she said she did not "get it."  She did not understand all the fuss about a dog in a wheelchair.  That so intrigues me.  It is not that I want there to be such a "fuss" about Frankie, or any other dog in a wheelchair, or any animal for that matter, but what we can learn from animals is what is important to me.  I truly believe God created animals so we could learn from them.  But, then again I am open to that concept and if one has never looked at it that way, I suppose it is hard to grasp.

It made me a bit sad too that the woman may not understand the deep love many of us have for our animals.  I truly believe I am a better person because of my dogs.  It is an interesting perspective at how American’s view their pets verses other countries.  I know I have read and heard many statistics on the amount of money we spend on our family pets.  But to me it boils down to what I have learned from them, which are invaluable life lessons and to me that is priceless.  I would not be who I am today without having had Cassie Jo in my life and now Frankie and Kylie.  So I will always make a fuss over them, because it is what I love to do and what brings pure joy to my heart.  And in return, they love me unconditionally, and I must say that feels amazingly good.

Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary

I came across this wonderful website recently.  This is a ranch in Montana that rescues and takes in disabled animals.

What an extraordinary haven for animals with challenges.  I invite you to grab a tissue and peruse this amazing sanctuary.  I hope to get there someday to personally tour the ranch.

One of the residents is a dachshund named Callie who has quite the attitude about not wanting to go out for the last potty call of the night.  This video of her is so hilarious.  I was in tears watching it.

God Bless the Rolling Dog Ranch and all they do for the animals with no where else to go… but animals whose hearts are full of love yet to give.


There have been some amazing connections to others since Frankie’s book has been published.  These stories touch my heart in a way which is hard for me to explain in words.

This is Frank (the one in the picture with the colorful hat).  He recently wrote to me after a friend forwarded the press release to him that was in the Sheboygan Press about my book.  He shared with me that is has inoperable cancer.  This lead him to a career change and he works for the WI Dept. of Agricultural Dept.  On his “rounds” he has met some inspiring friends who have helped lift his spirits.  His friends, of course, are some amazing dogs of all breeds.  I believe without any doubt that animals can sense our emotions and bring smiles to our faces and our hearts by simply being who they are in the moment.  Frank has realized this and has a collection of some beautiful dog pictures which he lovingly calls, “Frank’s Friends.”  Frankie, Kylie (my yellow lab) and I are honored to now be counted among Frank’s friends.  Frank attended my recent book launch and I was so honored to have met him and consider him now a dear friend.

Another wonderful lady in the audience was the lady of a friend I used to work with years ago at Ponderosa.  Her daughter also has cancer and currently is not doing well.  Through her pain and sorrow she found the strength to attend my book launch and shared the most beautiful poem with me, which I asked if I could share with the audience at the book launch and I now share with you.  Please hold her and her daughter in your prayers.  Her poem is exquisitely said and I was so honored she shared this with me:

To Frankie and her two legged and four legged friends:

God gave this set of wheels to me to teach a lesson for all to see,

Do not judge others how we look, or how we speak, or what we do, because in a minute this could be you.

My eyes are shining, my heart is pure, thought I might look strange to you, It’s not what you see, but who we are, how we help others, how we do,

Remember, inside, it’s still me, it’s still you.

Show your love that brings a smile, or maybe a tear, to God above,

Do your best, He will take care of the rest.

-Nancy Lorenz

Frank and Nancy inspire me to continue to share Frankie’s story…. knowing we will touch many lives in a positive way…. and that is a beautiful thing.