Move Over Oscar Mayer Wienermobile!

There is a new wienermobile in town and she is darn cute!

Remember the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile?  It brings up warm childhood memories for me when I think of that crazy vehicle!  When I received this hot dog costume as a gift from my friend Diane, I thought, “Hey!  Because Frankie’s has wheels she could be a version of the Oscar Mayer wienermobile!”  Might have to consider sending a picture of her in her costume to  In my research for a picture of the wienermobile I thought perhaps this vehicle no longer made appearances.  Boy, was I pleasantly surprised!  They still do!  Check it out at  They even still hand out the whistles!!  How cool is that?

The wienermobile can travel up to 90 miles per hour!  Wow, now that is a fast hot dog!  But I must say Frankie can travel awfully fast in her wheels too.  So often people are amazed at how fast she can get around in her wheels.  I think she is even faster now with a set of tires as legs than when her legs worked!

So on this Halloween Day I wish you sweet, fun, happy memories of when you were a kid and how exciting trick or treating was.  Some communities still even offer trick or treating after the sun goes down and to me, that is part of the fun of Halloween!  To be out and about with the goblins and spooks collecting oodles of treats!  Just be aware of a short rolling hotdog that may cross your path!

Blessings Always Present

Oh, this was hard today.  Moved back out of MySpace.calm.  I am temporarily set up in our living room.  I made sure to have my temporary desk (which is a card table) facing south which looks out into our back yard.  Being a part of nature inspires me daily. 

John begins installing the floor today!  As much as I hated to leave my sacred space, I know the end result will be so worth it.  Initial though was a pine painted floor, but John said he thought I deserved to have a nice floor in my room.  So, maple hardwood is being installed.  Sometimes I wonder who is enjoying this process more, John or I?  To have a husband who truly understands my needs and responds with love makes me feel blessed beyond words.

I am one who believes the Universe sends us messages often.  We just have to want to be open to them.  When they happen and you are open to it, it is life altering.  I have had many moments like that in my life since I began to live authentically.  Yesterday a message came through that struck my heart with deep love.  As you may know, I began my authentic, spiritual journey because of Cassie Jo and the lesson she taught me to realize life is short, take notice, and live your dreams.  Cassie Jo had many, many nicknames, one of which was Billy Jo.  Don’t ask me to explain, too long to do so.  HA!  Anyways, John was stacking the maple floor on sawbucks in the garage yesterday.  The flooring is inspected at the manufacturing facility and stamped with the inspectors name.  The name stamped on the bottom was, Billie Jo.  I have no doubt it was Cassie Jo’s message to me that she is still with me, reminding me to continue with my dreams, no matter what.  Her message could have not been more timely for me as I had been struggling with some tough emotions lately and she just reinforced for me that I am on the right path.  Oh, how I wish I could put my arms around her and hug her for that.  But I also know she knows I did that just by believing in the message she sent.

Joyful Progress

Unusually warm fall day.  20 degrees above normal.  What a joyful weekend!  Painted two coats of Harmony Iris on MySpace.calm walls and ceiling.  I am pleased with the transformation.  I could sit and admire it all day.  😉  I could not resist the urge to set up my temporary writing area.  John smiled when he came home to see me making myself at home.  The temptation was just too great to not start moving a few things in.  The room still needs a floor.  That will be installed next weekend.  It will be a pine porch floor and original thoughts were to paint it, but upon more thought we will seal it and put two coats polyurethane on it.  Will feel more like a cottage this way.  I promised I will move my temporary set up as the floor is installed, but to let a whole week go by without the comfort of my transforming space just would leave me frazzled.  I rather like the slow transformation… I am so enjoying each step of the way.

A card table with a slate blue cloth thrown over it, a patchoulli scented candle burning, a fabric pleated lavender shade upon a blue base for my lamp, a floral vase holding my pens, a tiny wicker rose floral arrangement, my journals all sit atop my temporary writing space.  I feel at home… so at home.

Visited with my dear friend Victoria for two days in the middle of last week.  I so admire her knack for decorating.  Her little home is adorable.  Will post on that sometime this week.  But the picture I posted here today is of an angel I found in a little shop with Victoria.  It says Joy on it and I could not help but get it for my MySpace.calm.  Joy is what I was in search of a few years ago, and joy I continually strive for and find when I keep my mind and heart open.  The joy angel hangs in the window and is a symbol that joy can always be mine if I choose it to be.